Vassi’s Crystal Meth Cookies

One of my favorite sayings is Cooking Is An Art and Baking Is A Science!  Ever since Vassi was little she loved a good science project or just a fun cooking project. She was always eager to start the dough when making cookies, pies or traditional Greek dessert.  Today, my blog is about how she took her time and developed what I would call an unbelievable cookie, or as Vassi dubbed them, Crystal Meth Cookie. And, yes, that is how addictive they are.

Vassi became interested in changing an already good chocolate chip cookie recipe when she felt that while the cookie tasted good, it aesthetically was not up to par. The cookie was not soft and chewy after the first day, and she felt they were too flat.  She wanted a cookie that was soft days after baking and had deep texture and a more luxe taste.

To understand the changes to food during and after the culinary process is an art of itself. Combing flavors in specific orders to highlight a new flavor. Or working to change the texture or appearance of food is a long road of testing.  I believe that your senses play a big part, and can be your main tool when developing a new recipe.  All of us respond to food by its appearance, flavor, smell and of course taste and texture. Recipe development is still culinary knowledge mixed with science that can give you the perfect recipe and or start the next food trend.

Vassi worked tirelessly on adding and subtracting items and changing the measurement of what stayed. She mauled over choosing the best chocolate for her cookie. As well as learning that the refrigeration time of the dough was a key component to the end result of these fantastic cookies. If covered, these cookies can last over a week and are just as soft and chewy as they are out of the oven. It wasn’t long, about 3 months of working on proportions and products, that she came up with the perfect Vassi cookie.  My customers are addicted and it has been a fan favorite in my family.  Bravo to you, Vassi!  I’m sorry but, I will not be posting the recipe because we are saving it for my cookbook! Stay tuned!!!


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