Spring Estate Sales and The Best Finds

Spring Estate Sales and The Best Finds by Nostimo Kitchen

I love Estate Sales!  Each estate sale is extremely unique. It gives you a glimpse into someone else’s home and life, and you never know what you might find!

Estate Sales have been the primary source of my collection of various vintage plates and sets of china. My distinct and different sets have helped create a signature look.  For as long as I can remember, both my parents were interested in attending auctions and estates sales. Throughout my life, my sisters and I collected numerous sets of china, vases and interesting props.  Our collections span over a century! Strolling through various estates sale in my area have been both a source of entertainment and a serious part of my catering business. I always keep an eye out for the perfect prop. Something that would enhance my food or create a visual display that would stand out.

A month ago I stopped by an estate sale at a very interesting home and had the most remarkable inventory, it ranged from Andy Warhol’s and Roy Lichtenstein’s, to collectible books and Steuben glass.  There was so much beautiful art that was for sale. I almost forgot to check out the silver plates and china.

Normally, I would go for the vintage china but I was immediately drawn to this T.G. Green Cornish Kitchenware set! Cornish Kitchenware is an iconic British brand that has been around since 1926. The soft yellow and white 7-piece-set I purchased was from the 1970s. I love using soft colors for food photography. It really allows the food to pop.


Estate Sales are an economical and eco-friendly way to increase your plate and prop inventory and to bring color to both the photography and your food. Here are some similar options on eBay and some on Etsy. It is important to always buy items that are interesting but also practical.  I once bought a large silver platter that I thought would be perfect for large salads, however, it was so difficult to clean I stopped using it. And it ended up being kind of a waste! However, my fun, bright tomato dish doesn’t seem too practical… yet, I get a ton of use of out it in the summer!

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