Frozen Rosé aka Frozé

Detroit Garden Works Garden Cruise - Nostimo Kitchen By Chef Toni

If you’re looking to add a special touch to a Summer Soirée, I always tell my customers to choose a signature drink, something that describes the guest of honor, or really adds to the theme of the party. It was 95 degrees last week in Detroit, so, it was a no-brainer to choose a frozen cocktail, a true Frozé, for Detroit Garden Works‘ 2018 Garden Cruise event!

Earlier this month, I posted a Frozen Rosé popsicle. While popsicles are fun and easy to make and serve, they’re not great for mass production nor for storing at an outdoor event. Frozé, however, is festive and easy to serve. I rented a slushee machine from Detroit Popcorn Company. They’re one of my favorite Detroit companies to work with, they’re extremely helpful and their products are high quality. They were even so kind as to give me a tutorial on how to use the machine. But, since it’s not your average slushee, I had to experiment with the proportions.

This recipe is truly trial and error. Everyone has their preferences on drinks, and certain people only like certain flavors. I enjoy the true taste of rosé, (my favorite is Miraval!) and don’t like my drinks too sweet. This Frozé will lend on the drier side of the beverage. Feel free to experiment on your own, and definitely contact Detroit Popcorn Company for your next Summer bash!

Frozen Rosé aka Frozé

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  • Simple syrup
  • Rose
  • Water
  • Grenadine for color



Depending on the size of your machine it is two parts water


2 Parts Rosé


1 Part simple syrup


1 Part Grenadine if you want to make the color a prettier pink


Everyone has different taste, so this is a real trial and error effort Add simple syrup and taste the product to see if it is too sweet Add grenadine and see if the color is to your satisfaction I love Rosé, so, I was looking for a real wine flavor, take a chance at this it is a real treat and will personalize your party

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