Detroit Garden Works’ 2018 Garden Cruise

Detroit Garden Works Garden Cruise - Nostimo Kitchen By Chef Toni

If you’ve read my blog or have been to my house, you’d know Detroit Garden Works is one of my favorite stores! I love going there at least once a week to stroll around the store, get inspired. Oh, and of coursing checking out their new and always unique products and displays. As I am always on a mission to find special props to add to my collection.

The Garden Cruise

I was contacted by the very talented Deborah Silver, the owner of Detroit Garden Works, to cater an event that benefits the Greening of Detroit, The Garden Cruise. Deborah has been featured in numerous Garden and Design magazines. She sells her items through restoration hardware, and also one of the most talented landscape architects in Michigan. It was an undeniable honor and dream to be able to cater an event for such a talent. As well as have it take place in my favorite store! The aesthetic in Detroit Garden Works meshes perfectly with my farm to table cooking. My display was a picture-perfect match for their space as plenty of my display props are from their store!

So What’s in My Display?

Garden Works is home to a fabulous and very large wooden table. When deciding how to display on the large table, I immediately wanted to use a large basket that I had purchased. This basket is very large, it’s almost intimidatingly huge! However, their large wooden table and my large wicker basket were a match made in heaven for this event. Here are some recipes I used for this event: Roasted Hot Pink Beet Dip, Mediterranean Farro Salad, Yiayia’s Piazi Salad, Santorinian Fava Dip, Frozé – not in popsicle form, and a Cheese Tower. Check out the gallery of the Garden Cruise to see the details! All photos were taken by Detroit Angle. Thank you, Tom!

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