Breakfast Board

I love brunch! Particularly because I find it easy to prepare, and it also appeals to most guests.


Making brunch happens to  be my favorite thing, because brunch food is a little of this and a little of that! When making brunch, I am always inspired by what is in season. This particular board was created in January and as I named it after my customers, the Goldstein family, it is called the Goldstein board.

At brunch, anything goes! It is the perfect solution to entertaining during the morning and noon hours. I love to use different elements from the season to create my display! This breakfast board recreates a traditional Jewish breakfast, featuring the traditional bagel, lox, cream cheese, capers, onions and tomatoes. Serving brunch as an everything bagel set up is the best, as everyone loves it and guest can create their own open faced sandwich without thinking about it too much.

For this event, I also made soft scrambled eggs and tuna salad—another open faced sandwich. Potato Latkes are also amazing when made with sweet potato. Latkes are easy to create and are a wonderful addition to brunch.

Add fresh fruit and don’t forget to choose the right board for the right occasion! This display is on a round board because it suited the table set up.

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