2018 Super Bowl Board

The Super Bowl is the perfect event to host, as it gives people tons of inspiration when entertaining. I love the idea of grazing boards for an event like this, as it is easy for the host to prepare, while being just easy for the guests to consume. Attendees can gather around the food and can help themselves when they want more.

Festive antipasto or charcuterie boards that are loaded with cured meats and artisanal cheeses make the event feel like a feast. The French started the charcuterie trend, but this presentation has been around for centuries and I am proud to say it started with the Greeks.

I love mixing fruits, fresh and dried, with spicy cheeses and flavorful aged meats. I always add a personal touch to the board’s display to make it part of the event. Whether it be the pieces you use or the addition of something fun, it’s great to give your display a unique look. For the Super Bowl, I added local beers for tasting, as well as candy and pork rinds to my grazing board.

Filling the space between the board is important,  I usually fill the spaces with pickles or a seasonal pickled vegetable. Baguette slices or nuts are also a good filler! Don’t forget to add the mustard, honey and my signature touch of herbs!

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