Spiced Pumpkin Bread

    I love to work on  different types of events.  But, preparing for an event under 50 people is my favorite.  It really allows me to play with the menu, the decor, and execute each detail with a different level of care. This customer was more specific with the menu, but gave me room to be creative with the decor as well as the extra touches.  Creating an event starts with the season and then the menu. It is easy to move forward when you nail down the items that are most important.

    At this event, I was hired to give a short cooking demonstration on making seasonal Spiced Pumpkin Breads. I discovered this recipe in my mom’s recipe box – it’s a classic. I also pre-baked a take-away loaf to give to each of the guests at the luncheon. I used eco-friendly, disposable bread pans, so they were easy to give away! To keep the breads fresh, I wrapped them each in a traditional muslin cotton bread bag. Muslin cotton is breathable, washable, and keeps bread from drying out. It is also eco-friendly, and very cheap. You can use these bags to hold your fruits and vegetables while shopping at the store, and use them to store cheeses. I love the old world feel it the natural bags bring to the Spiced Pumpkin Bread and was the perfect way to display it, and then give away. I then printed the recipe on a recipe card and attached it to the bag with a twine ribbon.

    Be sure to add a hint of Fall (or a hint of the respective season) to your table. It will compliment the event!  Adding candles or lanterns this time of year will create a warm autumn glow. And bringing something beautiful from the farm has been my signature.  I love using pumpkins (of all colors!), pomegranates, artichokes or apples for their deep rich colors as the seasons change.

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